How Do I Prepare For

My Spray Tan?

1. Shower and thoroughly exfoliate, wax and/or shave the day before your spray tan appointment. It is best if you are getting a manicure or pedicure to do so before your appointment.

2. Please do not have any makeup, deodorant, perfume, moisturizer, or oils on your skin before your appointment. These will act as barriers to our spray tan solution and can prevent the tan from properly developing.

3. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing after your spray tan, as tight clothing could rub some of the spray tan off and leave streaks.

How Do I Maintain

My Spray Tan?

1. Do not work out or sweat for 4 hours following your spray tan. Our solution is express, so you can shower after 1-4 hours! Rinse after 1-2 hours for a light shade, 3 hours for a light-medium shade, and 4+ hours for a medium-dark shade!

2. For your first shower after your spray tan, just do a quick warm water rinse. Do NOT use any soap or body wash. Using any during your first rinse can disrupt the development of the tan since it continues to develop for 24 hours. When you rinse off, it is normal to see a brown color; that is the bronzer in the solution rinsing off (not the tan). Pay yourself dry afterwards, do not rub. After that first rinse, you can shower as normal, and always pay yourself dry. Avoid hot showers.

3. Avoid chlorinated pools, jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms.

4. Moisturize using an oil free lotion at least twice a day. This will result in an even, flawless fade. Avoid

using products with oils in them, as oil takes off the tan sooner.

5. Stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water; this will help extend the life of your tan.

6. Your tan can last for 7-12 days with proper care!

How Long Will

My Spray Tan Last?

Our Gotta Glow spray tan will last for 7-12 days with proper care. Factors that determine how long it will last include if you properly maintain the tan, how much physical activity and sweating happens during the life of the tan, and if proper preparation was done prior to getting the spray tan.

Will The Spray Tan Stain

My Clothes?

No, it shouldn't. We use an aloe-based solution that washes out of most materials. Specialty fabrics like satin, silk, lace, and wool should not be worn while the spray tan is on your skin before your shower. We ask that you wear dark, loose clothing while the wet spray is on you, because tight clothing could cause some of the spray to rub off of your skin, leaving streaks.

Will I Look Orange?

What is in your solution?

No, you will not look orange! Our Gotta Glow signature solution is a brown-sugar based formula, which ensures a golden brown tan. Other spray tan solutions may contain beets or carrots, which is what causes tans to look orange. Our solution does NOT contain any beets or carrots, or any other ingredients which would cause your skin to turn an orange color.

We use only the highest quality all natural and organic ingredients. Our formula is 100% vegan and PETA approved, cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, anti-aging, and eco-certified. It is made with fruits, aloe, and flowers, and smells amazing; a light vanilla scent.

**Our formula is NOT nut free (it contains almonds), so please avoid if you have any nut allergy.

How Soon Before An Event

Should I Book My Spray Tan?

We suggest to book your spray tan appointment 2 days before any event, wedding or vacation.

We recommend brides book a spray tan appointment 2 weeks-1 month before their wedding date as a 'trial run', then another tan 2 days before their wedding date.